Sympathy for America

May 25, 2010 1 comment
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My New webpage

May 3, 2010 1 comment

Starting on 5-4-2010 my new web address will be  Please follow me on my new adventure.  I would like to thank the people here at WordPress for their support.  It is because of the following that I recieved here that I am able to get my own domain. 


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Happy Earth Day

April 22, 2010 2 comments

I couldn’t say it any better than the great George Carlin so I will let him speak for me:

Amen George RIP


You Can’t Leagalize Marijuana Because The Argument Sucks

April 22, 2010 Leave a comment

With the “big” 420 rally here in Denver and the one in Boulder, the local media give the impression that the pro-pot movement is on the rise.  As an aside, more people showed up in Denver for the Tea Party, but they say that it is losing momentum.  But that has nothing to do with the following opinion.  The argument is (with the limited sample I have polled):  We should legalize it and tax the sh*t out of it.

Wow that is profound thinking from a group that sits in their apartment (or parents’ basement) all the time eating Funions and drinking Mountain Dew.  The answer to getting what you want is more taxes.  More government control.  Dude, aren’t you tired of the “Man” holding you back.  The Government Is the “man”, man.  They produce nothing, but misery.  Isn’t recreational pot use supposed to eliminate misery?  So you want to impose more taxes on the “occasional” pot user that is also a producer in this country?  You want to raise taxes on a segment of society that pays no taxes?  You want to increase your weekly bill of $100  a week to $200 a week?  I don’t get it.

Okay I have done the reasearch and a large segment of it says, and I am paraphrasing, the 10’s of thousands of deaths are attributed to alcohol, and zero to pot.  Really?  If a man drinks and dies of heart disease, liver failure, or is stupid enough to get behind the wheel of a car after drinking, it is an alcohol related death.  If a moron drives while high, it is an automobile death.  If someone is shot outside a medical marijuana dispensary, it is a gun related death. And if someone gets high and decides to make a viral video, it is an unfortunate accident.  That is how the numbers are so low.

If every time some died high, or is under the influence of pot, got reported, your sacred cow of zero deaths would go up 2000% (the number is arbitrary using liberal math).  The fact is that pot causes some deaths in this country.  But for some reason indirect cause doesn’t play a role in attributing pot to these deaths.  Fact:  There has been only one DIRECT pot death in the USA.  Some guy years ago suffocated trying to take a huge hit from a 3ft bong.  If you Google it you may find it.

I know, I know, Big Chemical has worked with the government to jail hemp farmers, stop hemp companies from producing the strongest rope on the planet and hemp may be the next cotton.  I have heard it all.  But Stoners, you forgot one thing, if you want your movement to gain creditability you must separate yourself from Big Government and work to be a free market commodity.  WHAT??  Work with evil Wall Street?  NO WAY!  I know.  The answer is not the Government but with you, the individual.  And since you can’t get anyone to support you that you have voted (I think) to represent you, you lose.

The 20th Amendment to the Colorado State Constitution says that if you have medical marijuana card, you can smoke pot.  But the constitution also says that you must have AIDS, Cancer, or a debilitating disease.  And the news clip I saw showed thousands of people smoking on 420 and 1 that qualified.


The Tea Party Is Full of Hate?

April 17, 2010 1 comment

I went to a Tea party here in Denver.  I heard Niger Innis, yes that Niger Innis speak.  I heard three Representatives of District they are trying to get elected in.  A guy by the name of Jim (Bob, Mark, whatever) (joke for those that  were present) Lackey.  I saw people campaigning for Conservative candidates, people gathering signatures against the Small arms treaty, people selling bumper stickers, and  911 truthers.

What I did not hear was all the vitriol, and racist rhetoric that the lame street media portrays these people spew every moment of the protest.  What I did not hear was the “N” word, “we want a white America”, or overt hatred toward the President personally.  What I did not see was people being tear gassed, or told to calm down, or anyone being dragged away in police cars.  What I did not see was an over the top angry mob that did not understand what is going on.

What I did see was 14 times, including yours truly, help an elderly or a disabled person up the stairs they were having trouble navigating.  What I did see was people with chain wallets pulling their pants down far enough to see their boxers engaging intelligently veterans and people 3x their age.  What I did see was all races including Hispanic, black and white eagerly listening to speakers.  So I went to the Tea Party, engaged with some good Conservatives, exercised my 1st Amendment right of free assembly, and walked away feeling  hopeful that we can restore America and not become a European style country.  Put that on your show Keith Olberman.


If You Can Protest at a Soldier’s Funeral, Thank a Soldier

April 13, 2010 4 comments

These insensitive loons, I won’t put the actual church or organization here because they are getting enough attention from other outlets, that stand outside soldiers’ funerals and say the “God killed your Son” are completely out-of-bounds.  What they are saying, I think, is that because America in some form supports “gay marriage” he is killing soldiers.  I haven’t heard that kind of warped logic since “healthcare reform is in the Gospel”.  The family lost a loved one and is participating in a sacred Christian rite.  They don’t need your stupidity adding to their grief.

First, Christians like me, believe that God is a provider, a redeemer and we will be called home when it is our time.  That is weather we are on the battlefield, lying ill in a hospital bed, or riding a bike to work.  It is not anyone’s place to tell any family how to grieve and especially not your place to put your perversion of the Scriptures outside the soldier’s final resting place.  Why would anyone think that this kind of protest is a good idea?  If you are a Christian organization don’t you believe that funerals are sacred and should be left alone?

Second, why do you feel that the family even cares about your opinion?  In every church that I have ever been to, you have to approach them if you are interested in the way they worship.  I know that we are God’s Earthly voice and are to testify to his greatness and promise.  But this display is beyond the pale.  This is not testifying this is devastating.  Devastating to the members of the family who a subjected to this stupidity.  Also devastating to the Christian movement that frames all Christ followers as loons.

So if you feel to testify, go right ahead and preach.  If you feel the urge to act a fool at a soldier’s funeral, you have not studied the Bible enough.  Also you have the right to act like an idiot because many soldiers, better people than you, DIED for you to have that right.  To say it the way you can understand it:  Christ died so that you right to everlasting life.  Soldiers died so that you have FREEDOM of speech.


Glenn Beck Is Crazy

April 8, 2010 4 comments

This guy is crazy if he thinks the mainstream media is going to go against Obama’s policies.  He is crazy if he thinks that anyone that supports Obama watches his program.  This guy is crazy if he thinks that anyone that does not watch his program likes him.  But the fact is that he has spent hours proving that Obama is a socialist.  And hours proving that blind Democrats don’t believe that they are ruining the country.  Glenn Beck is crazy if he believes that anything is saying is getting through to the thousands that need to hear what he is saying.

“Obama is  a Socialist” has become a racist euphemism.  Really?  He wants to redistribute wealth…make it fair for all Americans (whatever that means) and Nationalize the car industry, the healthcare industry, and control radio and the Internet.  He wants to squelch AM talk radio.  What does that say to you?  All you “give the guy a chance ” people?  We hired this guy to do a job…He is a man of action,,,what ever your defense it doesn’t fit with the American way of life.  What he wants to do is give your money to people HE feels deserves it, give healthcare to who he feels is being slighted, with your money, GIVE an education to whom he thinks can be indoctrinated and give a handout to whoever he feels has been slighted.

America was built/founded on the principles that if you work hard you will get what you deserve.  BHO wants to give healthcare to everyone, give an education to everyone, give money that you have to people who don’t have as much as you.  How can you support such a leader?  My question is this:  If you owe John healthcare because you make $40,000 a year and have healthcare, a car, a mortgage, a supply s comfortable living for you and you family….What does John owe you?  Simply: Because of your exsistence you owe him something.  Because of your exsistence what does he owe you?  Barack can contact me personally and answer that if he wants.

Most libs answer that question:  “Well there shouldn’t be people without a car, health care, it is just not fair.  Are you voting for Democrats that represent you or are you voting for third-graders in the school yard?  My third-grade son constantly counters my discipline with “it is not fair”.

Be a grown-up and realize that what is yours should be yours and everyone should fight/work for what they want.  It is too bad that people don’t have what iI have.  They didn’t make the sacrifices that I made.  They didn’t look into the future the way I did.  They did not stick to the same job for ten years the way I did.   Do I empathise with their plight, of course.  As a Christian do I want to help them, of course.  But to have a Government mandate is silly.  For one of top advisors to the President say that government-run healthcare is what the Gospel says is Stupid. 

The Gospel that I have read constantly relies on the INDIVIDUAL to solve the problems with the guidance of GOD.  I go with that and so should the rest of you.

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